Meghan Markle Allegedly Said "Becoming A Duchess" Was Her Master Plan

Before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and became literal royalty, she was best known for her role as Rachel Zane on the long-running legal drama Suits. Like most actors and actresses, Meghan got her start in the entertainment industry with an acting-adjacent job on TV. Back in 2006, Meghan starred as a "briefcase girl" on Deal or No Deal. She was even on the popular game show at the same time as Chrissy Teigen.

Now that Meghan is a Duchess, though, people from her past get asked about her all the time. Recently, Us Weekly asked former Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandell about the Duchess of Sussex and he had some interesting things to say. Mandell told the celebrity gossip magazine he doesn't Meghan will ever make a return to acting, despite rumors she'd appear in the final seasons of Suits.

According to Mandell, a royal life was always in the cards for Meghan. “Well, she’ll be seen on television, because she’s a duchess," he continued. "But that was her plan. I used to say to her, 'Meghan, open the case.' And she used to say, ‘Not now, I’m doing some work on becoming a duchess.’ It was the master plan, so I don’t think she’ll come back for us.”

Deal or No Deal - Season 2

Though it's totally possible Mandell was joking around with this anecdote (or that Meghan was joking around back in the day), it seems like Meghan predicted her life as a member of the British royal family over a decade ago. If the crown fits, wear it.

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