Arizona Man's Dog Tags Found Buried At House In France

Photo: Getty Images

Some dog tags belonging to a Mesa man were found buried at a house in France. 12 News reported that Terry Wisehart is now looking back on a piece of history. She said, "That was the absolute love of his life is to be a pilot."

Wisehart was referring to her father, Carwin Pomeroy. Pomeroy was originally from Arizona, but moved to France in the 1960s as a part of his job in the Air Force.

Wisehart says her father was part of reconnaissance flights during the Cold War. She was around 10 or 12 years old at the time. "I have a lot of memories from there," she said.

Now in 2022, Laurent Fisch found a piece of history as he was remodeling his home in France. While digging to expand the house, he found the dog tags with the name engraved on them. Through the internet, Fisch found that Pomeroy was a pilot in the Air Force.

Wisehart said, "He probably was at a friend's house. Change clothes after work like you do, you're in your early 30s, and you're a little sloppy as you carry your things out and probably just dropped them, you know? That's what I kind of think."

Fisch is planning to send the dog tags back to Wisehart within the next few days.

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