Why Are 'Hundreds Upon Thousands Of Beetles' Showing Up In Phoenix?

Photo: Getty Images

Arizona residents have noticed that tons of beetles are showing up in Phoenix this week. AZ Family reported that after the monsoon rains this weekend, pest control has stayed busy.

Mike Boyle with Burns Pest Elimination said, "It’s been a lot of scared people freaking about hundreds upon thousands of beetles entering their home the last two or three days." He explains that after the rain, things got crazy.

"It went crazy Monday, Tuesday, and even today. It’s going everywhere. We had to send out an alert to our employees: here’s what’s going on; it’s ok," Boyle said.

Derek Kellogg a Butterfly Wonderland entomologist explains that the bugs don't want to be inside your home. Kellogg said, "They're not something that gets along terribly well with humans they're usually really just after other insects. Because that's their main source of food."

So how can you get them out of your house?

You can start with sealing up any cracks in your home. If the situation is too bad, an exterminator can vacuum the beetles.

According to Boyle, the beetle sightings may go on for another couple of weeks. Boyle said, "Their life cycle is very cyclical, so this is the time of year they are coming out. And it will slowly taper off. And then we’ll get some other kind of pest that will freak everybody out. Palo Verde beetles are next I think."

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