Young Bald Eagle Gets Lift From Arizona Utility Crews

Photo: Getty Images

Residents on the Forest Highlands golf course called the Arizona Game and Fish Department after a baby bald eagle was exhibiting strange behavior. AZ Daily Sun reported that that Raptor management coordinator Kenneth "Tuk" Jacobson received the call.

Jacobson said that the eaglet had "gotten itself our of the nest" that was situated in the top of a pine tree. The eaglet was "near fledgling age," which meant it wasn't quite ready to fly, but it wasn't in any danger.

Jacobson said, "It was standing at the edge of the pond drinking water." He suspects the eaglet was receiving disciplinary actions from its parents.

Jacobson explained that when baby eagles stay away from the nest for too long, parents will feed it less and less to "encourage them to move to places that the adults want them to be."

The problem was that when the eagle got out of the nest, it couldn't fly back to safety. So, he called in for reinforcements."

Jacobson went to the location and caught the bird. He then called the utility company, Arizona Public Service, to help reach the nest. APS assisted with a large bucket truck that lifted Jacobson and the baby eagle up to the top of the pine tree.

Check out photos below:

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