10 Deadly foods that are probably in your kitchen NOW.

If you look around your kitchen, chances are you are looking at numerous foods that can make you sick. In fact, some can KILL YOU!

These may surprise you. In fact I have 7 of the 10 in my house right now.

Foods like...

Almonds - Bitter (natural poison - hydrogen cyanide)

Nutmeg (natural hallucinogenic - nutmeg psychosis)

Potatoes (natural poison - Glycoalkaloids in stems & sprouts)

Cashews (natural poison must be steamed out)

Rhubarb (natural poison in stems - oxalic acid)

Cassava (natural poison - cyanide)

Fruit Seeds ((natural poison in pits & seeds)

Raw Honey (natural poison - grayanotoxin)

Tomatoes (natural poison in stems & leaves)

Tuna (high levels of mercury)

To see how these foods can kill you in more details, CLICK HERE.

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Mashed potato in cooking pan on wooden table

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