Details on the Escalating Feud Between Lady A and the Other Lady A

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Last month the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum decided to officially change their name to their long-used nickname Lady A after they learned that the word "antebellum" had ties to slavery, but, they weren’t aware at the time that blues singer Anita White also went by the name Lady A.

Both parties were going to iron it out so they could both use the name but things have now soured and the band has filed a lawsuit.

Here’s where it gets tricky: fans have long used the name Lady A and the band actually filed for a copyright on the title back in 2011 and received it, but, the singer Lady A says she’s been using the name for 2 decades.

The group says once they started discussions with her she insisted on $10 million which they refused to pay.

According to the songstress, Lady A is a name she’s spent two decades working to build on and she feels the band is trying to ease her.

That said, the lawsuit the band has filed is not asking for compensation just the right for both artists to continue to use the name Lady A.

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