Pregnant Sisanie Admits She's Been Having Vivid Dreams of Her Exes...

It's #HumpDayBumpDay! Pregnant Sisanie shared this week, week 15, she's experiencing vivid dreams and they're, well, um, they involve her ex-boyfriends and one even featured her husband, Michael, cheating!

"Sleeping is great, but I’m having the gnarliest dreams," Sisanie shared with Ryan Seacrest. "I can’t describe it except for the fact when I’m pregnant this happened with the twins as well."

Credit: OAWRS

Credit: OAWRS

"They’re really over-the-top stressful, weird dreams," Sis added, revealing it happens in pregnancy because of all the changes and hormones.

Find out more of what Sisanie is experiencing by watching back her update in the video above and below: