Does Your Partner Refill the Toilet Paper Roll? Patty’s In a Standoff!

Have you ever been in a standoff with your partner? 102.7 KIIS FM’s Patty Rodriguez hilariously shared on-air with Ryan Seacrest she’s in a two-week-long toilet paper debate with her partner. The convo led to Sisanie revealing she’s also once gone three days not talking to her husband.

“In the past, I’ve forgotten to replace the toilet paper when I’m the last one that uses it,” Patty explained. “So, I thought I could meet him halfway so I started putting in toilet paper under the sink in the event I forgot to replace it. … Two weeks ago I go into the bathroom and I see there’s no toilet paper. …It’s been two weeks because neither of us wants to give in!”

Patty explained that her partner thinks she forget but she’s adamant it wasn’t her! They even tried to look back at Nest cam footage. 

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Watch back the funny on-air moment in the video above. What do you do in these types of arguments? Do you end up caving? Sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan