Wishes for Britney Spears and her ENGAGEMENT on the day of the VMA's...

Page Six was first... as usual.

And then, People got some exclusive photos... because that's how it always is... but the first was this...

Britney Spears. Sam Asghari. Engaged.

Wanna learn about the ring?

Friday, or earlier in last week, Page Six tipped this - again - after they were caught shopping for some rings...

Ah... screw the gossip blogs and copy-paste-content-prep stuff you read on these blogs so many times.

Frankly, I'm kinda over the gossip game. Because all of these people... are people, right? They have a right to be... people, right?

Here's what I personally hope for Britney and Sam...

You've lived so much of your life for everyone else, Britney. You've lived it for people who made money off of you. For others... who made even more money off of you. For those who told you "this would be good for you" or "this would be good for your brand."

They told you the YOU they wanted you to be. For their pocketbooks, checkbooks, bank accounts, lives... whatever... it was good for your life... if you just let them control it.

I want you to know I hope and believe you are now... free. To be you. To pursue what makes your soul smile... which warms the heart and makes you go wow... everytime you see the one who makes you go... wow. And I want the same for the one love, I believe, has brought to you.

Remember that this is about the two of you. The rest of the world be damned. Do what's right for you and what makes your heart go BOOM. What makes everyone gasp when you both enter a room... is the stuff which can't be studied, researched, branded or sold... because true love is non-negotiable.

As a dad of a daughter, I want that for my daughter with whomever that love leads her to find one day... and I want that for you.

If you've found it... the world... will stand in awe the most impressive performance nothing could ever buy, produce, or script...

... and that's the story of you.

Mad Love for you and yours, Britney Spears... I'll never forget the day at that Deptford Mall in NJ when I met you... and that night when you performed at Egypt in Philly... before anyone knew what Hit Me Baby One More Time would be all about... What a day!


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