#PARENTING: Are you spending enough time with your kids? Concerned?

Parents. We're always worrying about our kids... and now, a study finds that parents of kids under the age of 10 have at least SIX of what I'm calling "Worry Thoughts" about the kids every day. Now, that may be a lower number to some, but I think it's maybe right on the money... at least, based on what I remember from Kyla being that young. I was no helicopter parent, however... I believe in a more liberal approach... let 'em make mistakes, let 'em experience the results of their choices and see how it all works out... Not saying I threw caution to the wind, but, I did let my kiddo do some things so she'd have to evolve out of a "safety bubble..."

Anyway, here are some things, according to the study, parents are worrying about when it comes to these kids... . see how you feel about this.

That they aren’t spending enough time with them.

They aren’t eating a healthy diet.

They don’t ‘fit in’ with other kids at nursery / pre-school / school

They aren’t sleeping enough

That they can’t help them with their problems in general

They aren’t doing well in nursery / pre-school / school

They aren’t achieving as much as other children their age

They aren’t making enough friends

Other children might bully them because of how they look

They aren’t behaving themselves in class

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